Overlake’s new, expanded Childbirth Center will house all mom and baby services together in one location, from childbirth education to delivery, recovery, lactation support, and infant care classes. Each new mom will have a spacious room that will accommodate the family members and supportive friends she would like to have with her for her baby’s arrival. After the birth, moms and babies will stay in third-floor rooms that are designed to keep them together in most circumstances. For newborns who need additional supportive care, the Childbirth Center will offer several options.


The Childbirth Center will include a five-room NICU, which will also keep babies needing more care close to mom. Three of the rooms will hold two beds, so that twins can be in the same room.

For babies needing more intensive care, our existing level III NICU can provide care for babies born as early as 26 weeks. All of our NICU facilities are staffed by expert doctors from Seattle Children’s and our own experienced and dedicated nurses.


The Overlake Childbirth Center will include an eight-bed emergency department with private rooms for pregnant women experiencing medical emergencies. Moms needing C-sections will also receive care in the Childbirth Center’s emergency department, keeping labor and delivery rooms free.


In some cases, women at high risk of pre-term birth need medically supervised bed rest. The Childbirth Center will include a dedicated area for these moms, keeping labor and delivery rooms free and providing a peaceful environment with the amenities needed for a longer hospital stay.


The days of dad in the waiting room with cigars are over. Not only do dads participate in the birth process, many other family members do as well. In the new Childbirth Center, the labor and delivery rooms and the mom and baby rooms have plenty of space for family and friends to visit, and they are welcome any time. In fact, the space in all of the East Tower rooms has been designed in thirds: one-third for the patient, one-third for the doctors and nurses, and one-third for family.


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