Signs You May Be in Labor

Signs You May Be in Labor:

  • Your uterus is firm and contractions last 60 seconds or more and begin every 5 minutes
  • You experience any water leakage or an unusual increase of vaginal discharge
  • You experience vaginal bleeding mixed with mucous and it is heavy enough to require a pad
  • You experience abdominal or low back pain that suddenly begins and persists

When to go directly to the Childbirth Center at Overlake Hospital Medical Center

(Please call Labor and Delivery directly and tell them you are coming - 425-688-5351)

  • If you are in active labor with contractions every 5 minutes, lasting 1 minute or more, with that pattern for one hour, unless we have given you different instructions (5-1-1)
  • If you are worried and desire to be examined to see if you are in labor
  • If you are experiencing major vaginal bleeding
  • If your water breaks, especially if you have tested positive for Group B strep
  • If you are scheduled for a cesarean delivery, but believe you are in labor

During regular office hours, if you are uncertain as to whether you are in labor or not, call for an immediate appointment. We will see you in the office and determine if it is time to go to the hospital. After hours you may go to labor and delivery to be evaluated.

Please remember that you can call us at any time you have questions about your pregnancy. Please also remember that after hours calls should be of an emergent nature only.