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National Women's Health Resource Center
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Health Test Reminder
Send yourself an email pap smear reminder.

Melpomene Institute
A non-profit organization that researches women's health issues.

Women's Healthcare - Specific Illnesses

A site maintained by the manufacturer of Valtrex with good information and links

The American Cancer Society website is a good starting point for information on diseases, support groups, and a host of additional resources

Quick facts on HPV from the Social Health Association


WebMD Pregnancy Calendar
Web MD's pregnancy calendar offers information throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Weekly
Weekly e-newsletter based on your due date

Baby Name Center
Helpful for choosing your baby's name

Obstetrical Ultrasound
Answers many questions on safety, procedures, etc
Reference and education about pregnancy. Subscribe to weekly email

Cord Blood Banking CBR
Read about the advantages of cord blood banking

Cord Blood Banking Viacord
Read about the advantages of cord blood banking

Puget Sound Blood Center
Donate your baby's cord blood for community use

Evercord Newborn Stem Cell Banking
Newborn Stem Cell collection and storage option

Parenting and Children

Bringing Baby Home
Parents Magazine Online

Maternity at Home


Clear Plan Easy Fertility Monitor
Easy to use device to predict ovulation

Seattle Reproductive Medicine
A local fertility practice we highly recommend


NuvaRing Vaginal Contraceptive

Mirena IUD
The 5-year progestin intrauterine contraceptive device with the additional benefit of light periods

Paragard IUD
The 10-year copper intrauterine device

Permanent Birth Control

Adiana Female Sterilization
Done at Bellegrove OB/Gyn

Vasectomy - Male Sterilization

Menopause and Mid-Life

Women First Healthcare
An organization dedicated to improving the health of women in midlife.

North American Menopause Society
A Nonprofit scientific organization that promotes understanding of menopause with up to date, accurate, unbiased information. A good starting point for understanding hormone replacement issues.

Medical Procedures

Novasure Endometrial Ablation
Information on this office procedure to treat heavy menstrual flow. Bellegrove Ob/Gyn was the first practice in King County to offer this procedure under local anesthesia in our office.

Adiana Permanent Female Sterilization
The newest in-office female sterilization procedure

General Health

A reliable general health resource featuring Harvard School of Medicine.

Web MD
Good overall medical advice

Mayo Clinic
A very good general medical site with a wealth of information and links.

Overlake Hospital

Overlake Hospital Patient Registration

Washington Healthcare News
Popular Healthcare Journal and Website with regional articles and info.

Scams and Rumors

Medical Scams and Misinformation

Check out that rumor before you forward an email!

Professional Medical Organizations

Washington State Medical Association

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Insurance Companies

Regence Blue Shield

Premera Blue Cross

Government Sites

Centers for Disease Control

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