Thank you Dr. Zimmer

It is with a mixture of emotions that we say a professional goodbye to Dr. Hal Zimmer. Dr. Zimmer has been with Bellegrove Ob/Gyn since 1982 and will be retiring December 31, 2020. While we are saddened that he will not be part of our daily lives, we are delighted for him and the next chapter.

For those of you that have had the benefit of being his patient, or have been cared for by him, recognize that he is truly someone special. A physician that cares for his patients with skill, compassion, and humor. For all the physicians and staff that have had the good fortune to work with him, he has been a great colleague, mentor, and friend. Dr. Zimmer, you will be missed!

We want to send him off with our well wishes. If you would like to add your fond memories, or simply wish him well, please comment below and we will compile them on this page.

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Lawrence Israel, MD
2 months ago

I cannot believe how the time has flown by. It seems like Ron and I just interviewed you to join the practice. What a great decision we made. You have been a wonderful partner and one of the best physicians I had the pleasure of working with.
Ron and I came together to form Bellegrove at a time when most OB GYN groups that we knew were coming apart because of internal strife and money. We were lucky enough, or maybe smart enough, to have a group that for the most part was harmonious and always had each other’s backs.
I am sure, as I experienced, that you will miss the people, staff and the patients. The night call, headaches of managing a practice, dealing with insurance, not so much. There is life after work. Enjoy all the free time you will have.
Your friend and partner

Ron Coe
2 months ago

Congratulations Hal,

Barb and I want to wish you all the best in your retirement. You deserve it. You developed a large following of patients who think the world of you.The world was a much simpler place back when you joined Bellegrove in the late Eighties. You have shown devotion to your patients, to quality, and to your practice.

I always enjoyed your sense of humor. I learned so much from you, such as the correct depth for water in a commode, and how to say yes when asked if I had ever heard the one about….

Stay well, stay safe, and stay active.

Ron and Barb

Ron Coe
2 months ago

Congratulations Hal,
Barb and I want to wish you all the best in your retirement. You deserve it. You developed a large following of patients who think the world of you.The world was a much simpler place back when you joined Bellegrove in the late Eighties. You have shown devotion to your patients, to quality, and to your practice.
I always enjoyed your sense of humor. I learned so much from you, such as the correct depth for water in a commode, and how to say yes when asked if I had ever heard the one about….
Stay well, stay safe, and stay active.
Ron and Barb

Phyllis Zimmer
2 months ago

Hal, it’s been quite a journey for us both while you have been at Bellegrove OB/GYN. I still remember how excited you were when Ron and Larry invited you to join their practice. I am so proud of you- and am so in awe of the work you have done–and the lives you have touched. I think we calculated that you have delivered over 10,000 babies! I think of the patients who have meant so much to you, the colleagues you learned from and others you have mentored, and I think of how much you will miss taking care of patients and sharing their lives. Each day when you come home we’ve read the notes from patients who have shared how much you meant to them. You really are a “Marcus Welby” doctor- one who really puts caring into Medicine. I’m a little nervous about what it will be like to have you “retired”- but I’m also excited about what the next phase of our lives will be. I think you only have 6 “on-call” days left. Wow. I love you and celebrate all that you contributed to your profession, to your practice, and most of all, to your patients. Phyl

Janet Duvall
2 months ago

Nothing but the best…that’s what you always gave to me. Thank you!
Here’s wishing you endless time to do the things you love!

Maria Coronado
2 months ago

He is literally an angel. All these years under his care I felt in the best hands. God bless your new and well deserved journey! Thank you Dr Zimmer for your profound respect and love for your patients.

Heather McNeel
1 month ago

Dr. Zimmer, you will be missed! Thank you for taking such good care of me over the past 15 years and through 3 pregnancies. I will miss our talks and laughs. Enjoy your retirement and here’s to the border opening up so that you can enjoy your lake home! 🙂 Wishing you all the best!

Jennifer Lang
1 month ago

Wishing you laughter, happiness and good health to enjoy your retirement!

Sheri Nelson
1 month ago

Dr. Zimmer,
I became a patient of yours in the late 80’s, at the recommendation of my neighbor. I’m so happy I listened to her! You delivered my second child, my son in 1994 – just barely, he came so fast! You have always made me feel so comfortable and well cared for. Every appointment I could always count on a good chuckle from one of your jokes or funny stories. Congratulations on an absolutely remarkable career. I will truly miss seeing you every year and I wish you all the best in your retirement. I hope you get to enjoy that cabin very soon!
Best Regards,
Sheri Nelson

Jan Chernin
1 month ago

Thank you for the care and conversation over the last (ahem) 22 years. You always made me feel informed and taken care of. Of course, I especially appreciate the safe incubation and delivery of my two daughters.

I hope you enjoy every quiet moment, cup of coffee, crazy hobby, fun travel, etc. Will miss you much. – Jan

Kara Murphy
1 month ago

Can’t say I’ve ever been “excited” for my annual exam. But, I am today. I feel so lucky I got one of your last appointments as the area’s BEST OBGYN. I can’t believe you have been my Dr for over 20 years. I am so thankful that Colette referred me to you. You are brilliant and kind and funny and reassuring and so much more! Wishing you the very best in your retirement years! You will be missed so much!!! Kara

Drea (Andrea) Lyon
1 month ago

Although you didn’t end up delivering either of my babies due to timing, I appreciated your care and knowledge along the way for both pregnancies. Our kids are 18 and 20 now. Congratulations and enjoy your new adventures!

Jenny Dean
1 month ago

Dr. Zimmer,
Thank you so much for taking care of me for the past 15 years! You will be missed. Enjoy your retirement!

Katie Czerwinski
1 month ago

You walked me through all my pregnancies and delivered all 3 of my beautiful girls! I am so thankful you were there to put me at ease, support me and make me feel like no question was a bad question. We wish you all the best in your retirement!

Angie W.
1 month ago

Dr. Zimmer,

Congratulations on your retirement! As a nurse who worked at Overlake years ago (for a short time as I then stayed home with My kids), I was lucky enough to be able to chose my OB with confidence 😉 Dr.Coe delivered my son in 2004, then he retired from delivering. You delivered my daughter in 2006 with Dr.Coe assisting in the OR. I was so happy to have had two of the best docs at My side. You have quite a way of caring for your patients with a genuine heart and humor. And you had the greatest side burns! Best of luck to you in your next chapter. You truly were one of the best, and I thank you for that. Be safe, be well and enjoy.

Angie W., patient 🙂

Julie Tull
1 month ago

Congratulations Dr. Zimmer! I only got to meet you a time or two at the end of my pregnancies, but loved your care and treatment. You were so kind and joyful. My last pregnancy was at a more advanced maternal age. Instead of filling my head with worry about being old, you asked me if we were hoping for more! I know you are going to love retirement, living life to the fullest!

Kai Zhang
1 month ago

Thank you Dr Zimmer! I feel so lucky to be one of the last patients before your retirement! Thank you for your support during my pregnancy! Happy retirement!

Mari Maccarini
1 month ago

You delivered my beautiful baby girl last year (in 7 minutes!). I was Dr. Brown’s patient and I was nervous about having a different doctor during delivery, but you were absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for being part of the best day of my life. I wish you all the best in your retirement!

Valerie Giesbrecht
30 days ago

Dr Zimmer,

Your care for me spanned the length of your career at Bellegrove. My daughter was one of those 10,000 babies you delivered and now she is a doctor doing the same! Enjoy cross-country skiing in your retirement!

Stephanie M Bailey
25 days ago

Wow! I wish none of my favorites have or are retiring! I absolutely loved Dr Ron Coe and when he retired I moved over to you. I have been a Bellegrove patient since I was 21 and have loved the care, compassion, laughs, cries and utter grace from both of you! You will be missed. I came back after a move because I was so unimpressed with the doctor’s closer to me. I wish you and your family the very best! Enjoy every moment! God bless!!

Ann Marie Milton
25 days ago

Dear Dr Zimmer,

I am so thrilled I was able to be your patient since 1987 and every year actually looked forward to seeing you and your wonderful staff. You cared for me with both of my pregnancies perfectly and when you were on call to deliver the second girl, you said “ ok, once I deliver my patient’s baby, my job is complete”. You were right. I have never missed seeing you ever year and you have provided the best care imaginable. I will miss your smile and of course all your horrible jokes.I always felt so comfortable with your care and advice. My daughters now of course come to Bellegrove for their care. Forever know, what an impact you have had in my life and I will never forget you. Please have a wonderful time in your next chapter.

The best to you! Ann Marie Milton

Lynne Bishop RN
24 days ago

What can I say to one of my favorite people in the whole world, and one in which I had the utmost pleasure of working with for over 30 years as your nurse. I was so happy that my own OB (you), delivered my second daughter, that I decided to work for you, Dr Larry Israel, and Dr Ron Coe, as one of your OB/GYN nurses starting in 1990. You three were such an amazing trio of MD’s to work for. I loved going to work every day, and still do.
Hal you have been such a positive role model, and you were always extremely supportive of all the staff, especially the nurses. All the new nurses I have trained over the years, would always comment to me how easy it was to do surgeries with you . Your unique rapport with your patients led you to be such a special caring MD, that I have already received numerous calls from them expressing their sadness at your leaving, but also knowing you deserve to have this time now to enjoy your retirement with Phyllis and Tassie.
When my own daughter delivered at Overlake Hospital twice over the past 3 years, the L&D nurses knowing I was your nurse would make special positive comments about you, and how they always thoroughly enjoyed when you would deliver babies there. They all loved your humor and gentle easy bedside manner. Many people have asked me how I have stayed in one job for so long. The answer is easy, I love what I do, for people especially like you, Hal. You have made going to work for these 30 years a joy, and I owe you a great deal. You have always been 100% supportive of everything I do, and we have made I believe a great team for your amazing patients. You have taught me so much about not only medicine, but about how important to have other goals in life as well.
I want to thank you for allowing me to grow as a nurse, a mother and a friend. My life has become so much more enriched from the time I have spent at Bellegrove OB/GYN, I appreciate all you have done for our practice, to make it the BEST OB/GYN office. Thank you Hal for always being there for us and your patients. I will miss your jokes and laughter, but we will always keep these in our hearts forever, especially me.
Lastly, I thank you for your great attribute of listening. That is a skill that is hard to master, but you definitely have. I will always be grateful for our many conversations over the past 30 years, and will miss them greatly!!!

Love Lynne

Jessika Plescia, RN
23 days ago

Congratulations, Dr. Zimmer!

It was such a pleasure working with you, even if it was for such a short time. Thank you for your wonderful sense of humor, and for being so patient with me as I started out as a brand new nurse! I will never forget assisting my very first sedated procedure on my own with you; I was super nervous, but you being so calm made it so easy.

You will definitely be missed, but I wish you luck in all your future endeavors!

Much love,

Mindy Drinkwine
23 days ago

I am so grateful I was able to see you one last time before your much earned retirement. 13.5 years ago you delivered my daughter. You brought your kind heart, expertise and sense of humor into the process. Which is why I chose you as my doctor all those years ago. Thank you for all that you did for me and my family! We wish you nothing but the best in your next journey!

23 days ago

A sincere and heartfelt thank you goes out to you as you head into this new chapter in life. Thank you for your generosity with your time, for your humor, for your support and guidance these past 17 years. I always felt heard and respected and truly felt a partnership in my care. Ella, Oliver and I wish you great adventure and happiness in this next chapter!

Elisabeth Cox

GeNay McIntosh
23 days ago

Dr. Zimmer,
It has been an absolute pleasure to work for you! I am extremely grateful for the time we have had together at the “Grove” and will miss you daily. There is a bit of a recurring theme in the messages you have received, your calmness and compassion, your patience and understanding, but most of all your sense of humor! We may have complained about the jokes at times but secretly I think we all loved them. When you delivered my son I knew I was in good hands but really did not know what that would mean during labor. When things turned sketchy, you calmly asked how I felt about a c-section that day. I don’t remember being worried but I do remember finally asking for drugs! It wasn’t until we were all back in the recovery room and admiring my sweet baby did I learn of your true concern in my labor. I can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of us and making sure we were both healthy!
Things will not be the same at the office, just like when Dr’s Israel, Coe, and Connor left us there will be something missing. You’ve promised to come back and visit and we will hold you to it, how else will we get new jokes!
I hope you are able to enjoy each day to its fullest, be safe, have fun, and try not to annoy Phyllis too much!
With love,

Petra Vankeppel
22 days ago

Dear Dr. Zimmer,
I became a patient of yours 27 years ago, when I was pregnant with our fist baby. Our 2 boys are all grown up now and ready to start their own families! I always felt well taken care of by you and enjoyed our conversations and your wonderful sense of humor. I will miss seeing you every year and wish you all the best in your retirement! Enjoy!

Carly Nelsen-Wright
14 days ago

Dr. Zimmer,

It was a pleasure meeting you sir for the very brief time. Thank you for helping me with part of my labor with my son during this pandemic. I hope your retirement brings you some new adventures and a lot of relaxation. You deserve it sir!

Elaine Sutherland
8 days ago

I wish for you happiness and health as you set off for new adventures. My deepest thanks for you care and compassion over the years. I shall miss your humor and of course the “jokes” 😂. Be well.

Jennifer Buhrmann
3 days ago

Dr. Zimmer,

I am so appreciative of the care you provided me through both my pregnancies and one miscarriage. It was so special to have you as my doctor since you also delivered me 32 years ago. My husband, Andrew, and I are trying to get pregnant again and I am sad that you will not be a part of our journey this time. You were always so generous with your time and made me feel incredibly supported during every appointment. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. You deserve the most relaxing and wonderful retirement! I hope to see you at Starbucks soon 🙂

Connie Casperson
2 days ago

I can’t believe I’m not too late. I’ve struggled for over a month now, trying to put my thoughts & feelings into words that would come close to what’s in my heart. It finally occurred to me that there are no words that could adequately convey the gratitude I feel. I’m very aware that there isn’t one in a hundred doctors that would have helped us build a family like this one, child by child by child. You’ve been my mentor & champion through my pregnancies & adoptions & cared for my daughters as they too have become women & mothers. You are an amazing doctor & a wonderful human being. I pray that the care & joy you’ve given to others will come back to you tenfold as you enter this next chapter in your life. We will never ever forget you, Connie C.

Tina Swift
1 day ago

Dr. Zimmer, It’s been a long time but a friend is pregnant and I decided to see if you were still practicing and low an behold, I see you finally decided to retire. You are the best! You delivered my son 23 years ago and my other son over 15 years ago. We couldn’t have had a better doctor to bring our children safely into this world. I miss your sideburns 🙂 Have a wonderful retirement and enjoy every minute. Cheers to you!