Thank you Dr. Zimmer

It is with a mixture of emotions that we say a professional goodbye to Dr. Hal Zimmer. Dr. Zimmer has been with Bellegrove Ob/Gyn since 1982 and will be retiring December 31, 2020. While we are saddened that he will not be part of our daily lives, we are delighted for him and the next chapter.

For those of you that have had the benefit of being his patient, or have been cared for by him, recognize that he is truly someone special. A physician that cares for his patients with skill, compassion, and humor. For all the physicians and staff that have had the good fortune to work with him, he has been a great colleague, mentor, and friend. Dr. Zimmer, you will be missed!

We want to send him off with our well wishes. If you would like to add your fond memories, or simply wish him well, please comment below and we will compile them on this page.

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Lawrence Israel, MD
2 days ago

I cannot believe how the time has flown by. It seems like Ron and I just interviewed you to join the practice. What a great decision we made. You have been a wonderful partner and one of the best physicians I had the pleasure of working with.
Ron and I came together to form Bellegrove at a time when most OB GYN groups that we knew were coming apart because of internal strife and money. We were lucky enough, or maybe smart enough, to have a group that for the most part was harmonious and always had each other’s backs.
I am sure, as I experienced, that you will miss the people, staff and the patients. The night call, headaches of managing a practice, dealing with insurance, not so much. There is life after work. Enjoy all the free time you will have.
Your friend and partner